Premarital Counseling

I offer premarital counseling for couples who are getting married and would like to receive some focused care prior to the wedding. Ideally, couples will come in at least 6 months prior to the wedding in order to allow for adequate time cover to major topics.

In my practice, I typically offer 10-12 sessions for premarital couples that includes a thorough assessment process standard in the Gottman Method, feedback on your strengths and areas of growth as a couple, and a variety of conversations and exercises covering core topics such as:

Family of origin exploration
Stress management and self-care
Communication and conflict
Emotional engagement
Values and spirituality
Finances and money
Sex and romance
Rituals of connection
Roles, goals, and life dreams

Premarital counseling is preventative and is not covered by insurance. Initial session is $200, and ongoing sessions are $165. Sessions last 55 minutes and can be offered online or in-person in Round Rock, Texas.

Please inquire about availabilty!

About Carly: I have been married  since 2009 and apply concepts from The Gottmans and Attachment-Based Science in my own relationship as well. Marriage is full of joys and challenges. I believe couples who create a solid foundation can better weather the inevitable ups and downs  in life and experience healthier outcomes & relationhsip satisfaction.

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