I enjoy offering professional consultations with clinicians and am happy to discuss your individual needs. I have provided consultation in the following areas:


* Career exploration, transitioning into private practice

* Clinical case consultation 

* Supervision practice set-up

* Clinical supervisor case consultation around LMSW issues

* Becoming a Medicare provider and Medicare credentialing


For ongoing peer/case consultation, I offer monthly (or twice-a-month )55-minute sessions virtually and in-person for $140/session.

I ask that professionals commit to 6 months of consultation, and both parties will re-visit the arrangement every 6 months.

My former clincial supervisees are offered a reduced rate for case consultations, at $120/session.

All other consultation services are offered at $200 for 85 minute sessions and $150 for 55 minutes.

Consultation fees are due prior to service and payment is accepted via Zelle, Venmo, or credit card.

To schedule a consultation, please e-mail me and let me know what you are seeking, and when you are available to meet.

Email: carly@carlybassettlcsw.com

Professional Consultation

Therapy for Grief & Loss, Trauma, and relationships