Therapy for Grief & Loss, Trauma, and relationships

Let's be honest. Most people cringe at the thought of couples therapy. When two people fall in love and romance blossoms, no one wants to imagine they will end up stuck, fighting, or contemplating leaving the relationship. Maybe one partner wants to go to couples therapy, but the other is resistant. That is not unusual, especially when many of our only experiences with couples therapy have been what we have seen in the movies. The idea of coming into an office and fighting in front of a third party sounds really uncomfortable.

Couples therapy is not a place where couples come to fight and argue in front a referee who will decide who is right. It is not a place where you will expect to find someone who will tell you if you should stay together or not. Couples therapy is not a place where you will feel blamed or shamed by a therapist. In a couples session, you will learn how to communicate in ways that will help you address the issues that are straining your relationship. I will teach you ways to communicate with each other in session that you can practice at home.

I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy , which was developed by Dr. John Gottman, who has scientifically studied relationships for over 40 years. He, along with Dr. Julie Gottman designed a couples therapy that is based on their research and really works.  It focuses on rebuilding your friendship and affection for each other. We work to regulate conflicts and understand them in a different way. We will repair old and current injuries, as well as develop a sense of meaning in your shared life.  

There is hope. Couples who decide to come in and meet with me will most likely leave saying "that wasn't that bad!" My goal as your therapist is to act like a "coach," helping you to work though your problems and limitations, and hopefully get to a place of greater satisfaction with your relationship, your partner and yourself. It may take time to get there, but your relationship is worth it.


Initial Assessment Session (including Gottman Online Assessment) - $200
Ongoing Sessions (60 min) - $175

Couples Counseling