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Pandemic Thanksgiving

Grief & Covid

Mimi & Carly, April 2011 

Older Adult Counseling

I have a strong passion for serving an older adult population and I am proud to be a provider that can serve clients with Medicare (Part B) benefits. Medicare benefits do cover psychotherapy, and at this time that also includes teletherapy sessions. Please note, I am in-network with Traditional Medicare, Aetna Medicare and Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans. I am not in-network with any other Medicare replacement policy plans.

From 2015-2019 I worked exclusively with older adults providing psychotherapy to Medicare recipients in an agency setting. Prior to this, I spent seven years working in hospice care with patients, caregivers and families which allowed me to witness stressful times for people and ways illness, aging and loss impact individuals and family systems. I have also been involved in training other professionals to work with older adults and for many years supervised University of Texas at Austin social work students in clinical geriatric academic tracks.​

Therapy for Grief & Loss, Trauma, and relationships

My true call to work with older adults stems from one of my life's most precious relationships with my own grandma. I learned so much about life, loss and aging from my grandma and I believe her legacy lives on through the work I do. She herself was a trained counselor, and she was one of my biggest fans and best friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to connect to older adults though my work, and value the wisdom, strength and resilience in Seniors.